Human Body and Its Functions

Let us now discuss about the anatomy of human body. The physiology of the body of any animal or organism over the planet is complex and vast. We, the humans have a body that constitutes of large number of organs. All the organs are equally essential for the survival of a human being.

Each organ has got to do its own task throughout the lifetime of a human. Let us just list them down to study the organs inside human body. Brain, heart, lungs, intestines, kidneys, pancreas, Uterus, etc. constitute to a particular system for a particular function and that system is responsible for a major processes to be undertaken in the body.

Functions of Body

The various functions performed by different systems of body can be listed as below:

Integumentary System: This system constitutes of parts like hair, skin, nail etc. and this system protects deeper tissues from injuries.

Nervous System: It is the fastest system that is responsible in carrying out the data transfer processes in Nano seconds inside and outside the body. The organs that constitute this system are brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Skeletal System: It is a support to the body or framework to muscles. This system plays an important role in the movement of body parts.

Endocrine System: Adrenal gland, pineal gland and pituitary are the major glands of endocrine system. These glands secrete hormones into the blood.

Muscular System: It maintains posture produce heat, shape up body, forms facial expressions and performs locomotion.

Respiratory System: It carries oxygen to lungs from where it is dissolved into blood and helps release carbon dioxide dissolved in blood.

Cardiovascular System: Heart pumps blood to various parts of the body through blood vessels along with oxygen, carbon dioxide, waste and nutrient dissolved in it.

Digestive System: This system promotes digestion of food particles, nutrients released are absorbed by the body. It relates to stomach, intestines, kidneys etc.

Reproductive system: It deals with the procreation of new life or offspring.

Parts Of body

Human body comprises of a numerous body parts too. Face constitutes of eyes, mouth, ears, cheeks, chin, forehead and cheek bones etc. Human body is gifted with a pair of eyes which help us to see the things around the world. Ears again comes in pair which help us listen and hear. Nose is a sniffing organ, it helps us to breath in and out through nostrils. Mouth includes teeth, tongue, jaws, saliva secreting glands, way to esophagus etc. Hands, legs, waist, thighs, foot are other essential parts.