Weather and the weather map, Activity for kids

Weather is something that each living soul on the planet earth experiences as sensation and observation when they are outside. Do you want to know some interesting facts about weather? Then just read on.

What is Weather?

The atmosphere is made up of various states of hotness or coldness, wetness or dryness, cloudy and stormy or sometimes clear and calm. All these states of the atmosphere are weather.

People have different social and scientific views about weather and frankly, weather is the most important topic of discussion among many people.

What is the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

The different phenomenon in the weather takes place in the troposphere, which is the layer of atmosphere below stratosphere. Weather is actually the day-to-day temperature changes that take place. Weather should not be confused with climate as climate basically refers to the changes that take place in the atmosphere over a certain range of time.

How is Weather Differences Caused?

Weather differences are due to the differences in the air pressure that occur from one place to another. These differences in the air pressure in turn depend on the angle with which the sun shines in that place and also on the latitude and tropical features. The temperature differences that occur on the surface of the earth, results in the different air pressures in different regions and hence the diverse weathers are caused.

What is the Study of Weather Called?

Studying how varied weathers are created and how weather changes in different region is an interesting study. The study of the different conditions and situations of weather is called meteorology. Meteorologists study the various weather phenomenons’s and also find out the wide variety of effects of weather change.

What are the Effects of Weather Changes?

Sometimes weather changes are beneficial to life on earth. For example, when after a hot, warm and humid weather, there is a cool shower of rain, people get their life back. But there are certain weather conditions that are sometimes very harmful. Some of these include natural disasters like cyclones and tornados, hurricanes, ice storms and likely. These are extremely dangerous and harmful. Meteorologists study weather to find out the magnitude and the time of such natural disasters so that, if not preventable, they could at least have sufficient information to keep refuge ready.

What are Weather Maps?

Weather maps help in understanding what the weather conditions are in reality in the various parts of the world. A weather map displays a variety of meteorological features that are occurring at a certain point of time in a certain place. A weather map is highly beneficial when it comes to weather forecasting. Various types of weather maps are available that help to gauge the weather conditions. A weather map can be found useful by aviators, sailors, in the warfront and many other places to assess the weather conditions.