Where does rain come from? Lesson For Children

We all see the rain dropping from up above the sky, and enjoy watching them. We are told that the rains are essential for the agriculture, and crops can grow only when it rains well. We also enjoy getting wet once in a while, right? But, do you ever wonder where does rain come from? Well, how is the cloud able to pour so much of water on the land? And, how does the cloud bear so much water and carry it around? Well, to get the answers for the above questions, you need to understand the process behind it.

Where Does Rain Come From?

Whenever it is too hot, the water from the sea and the ocean gets evaporated. The evaporation happens because of the warm air flowing over the water body. This evaporation converts the water into water vapour. This water vapour goes up and forms clouds. This is the main source of rain clouds.

Then, there is also the steam emanating from the kitchen, which goes up the sky, and turns into clouds. When the steam keeps going up, it makes the clouds heavy, and they become grey in colour. When these clouds become too heavy, they are forced to break up, and they fall on the land in the form of rain, snow or hail.

This entire process is known as the water cycle, as the process of raining and evaporating continues forever. Sun plays a very important role in this entire process, as it makes the place too hot, and leads to the evaporation of water. So, you would realize that the water flow continues forever, and the water never actually gets lost. The water, which falls as rains flow downhill, and get converged with the lakes and oceans. So, you would have noticed that when it becomes too hot and intolerable, the humidity increases, and it also leads to rainfall. Sometimes, what happens is that the rains evaporate again, and they head back to the clouds. So, it is all dependent upon the sun, the air, and the humidity.

Not all the clouds produce rain, though. There are certain type of clouds, which pour down as rains, and these have the names of “Nimbus” in them. Such clouds can also produce thunderstorms. Not all the rains are clean. Some clouds contain pollutants, and pour down as polluted water. So, getting wet in the rains can also make you fall sick.